Kangana Ranaut Seeks Spirituality Amidst The Worldly Chaos But Here’s Why She Never Spoke About It Earlier

Everyone in Bollywood is trying to utilise the “home quarantine” period to the best of their potential. While people like us are working from home, some are spending time reading books and doing work out and some are seeking spirituality. Kangana Ranaut comes in a new category and recently she talked about the same with her fans.

While according to Kangana she is not new in seeking spirituality, in her latest video she talks about its importance and the reason why she never talked about it before.

In the 3 video clips shared by Kangana’s fan club, the actress says that while she loves fame, earning money, fashion and everything, spirituality is what helps her maintain a balance in life. She shares that while living life it’s important to seek a balance and that comes when you work on improvement of your energy levels with Sadhana and Pranayam.

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