Kalank: When Sanju made Madhuri blush

21 years after they romanced each other on screen, Sanjay Dutt made Madhuri Dixit blush all over again at the teaser launch of their new film, Kalank.

"It felt good to work together after a long time. I'll try to work more with her," Dutt said, as Madhuri tittered next to him.

"We are working after more than 20 years," Madhuri added. "Recently, I worked with Anil Kapoor after a long time (in Total Dhamaal). It's always wonderful to work with actors you've worked with before. Even here, it was wonderful."

Sridevi was originally cast in the film. After her sudden death, the role went to Madhuri Dixit.

"When I was approached to do the role, I had a heavy heart," Madhuri said. "She (Sridevi) was a great artiste and a good human being. When you get a role, you do it your way. But, of course, we used to miss her everyday on set. Once you start work, you have to look beyond that and play your character to the best of your abilities."

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