I spend on my hair' Rs 25,000 per month : Dheeraj Dhoopar

Television actor Dheeraj Dhoopar has been winning hearts with his Casanova character Karan Luthra in Zee TV's popular show, Kundali Bhagya.

And his hairstyle has become quite the rage too!

But as he tells Contributor Rajul Hegde, living the life of a television star can be expensive.

Your hair in Kundali Bhagya has become very popular. What goes into creating such a look?

So you are telling me that I am admired for my hairdo rather than my acting skills! (smiles).

Well, I like the fact that I am becoming popular because of my hairdo in the show, but it takes a lot of effort.

You have to get the right hairstylist, a suitable haircut and quality hair products.

There's a misconception that you should not wash your hair daily.

In a city like Mumbai, the pollution sticks to your hair. So I wash my hair daily.

I don't use conditioner because it makes my hair sticky.

When I reach the sets, I blow dry my hair, use mousse, an anti-thermal product, which protects the hair from ironing, and a hair straighter. I use hairspray as well.

How much money do you spend in a month on your hair?

Dubai and Bangkok have great hair products, and I always buy them when I travel overseas.

I spend about Rs 25,000 per month, which includes my haircut, styling and hair products.

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