Bollywood Star Govinda suggested the line Meri pant bhi sexy

 the privilege of meeting the fiery Maya Govind and the placid Rani Malik, two female writers in male-dominated 'lyricdom'. Yet another very small player was Pushpa Verma, who barely did three films and not more than probably five songs.

 Govind, of course, was a reputed poetess and Malik, a Delhiite who would shuttle between Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Neither of them worked full-time as songwriters.

Govind alternated between poetry and other interests and Malik, for a while, was a Hindi professor in Kolkata.

Govind was told to write songs in the sitting session with several people when she preferred writing at home after giving the briefs due thought. And Malik's lyrics were often changed or credited to others!

'Here, even a spotboy can suggest changes in words,' agreed Govind.

Malik also lost films because she was unwilling to wait long hours for a music director.

However, the worst phase came when both the ladies were criticised for writing sexist, crass or vulgar songs.

Said Malik, 'My song Ek hai anaar yahaan from Dulaara (1994) was liked so much by Govinda that he wanted to sing it himself. He suggested that we have the lines 'Meri pant bhi sexy' and so on, but I objected despite pressure from producer Vimal Kumar. Then, one day, I heard Vimal-ji's friend exclaim, 'Kya sexy colour hai! (What a sexy colour!)' to him about a car and I realised that it was just a way of describing anything attractive.'

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