Singer Karthik responds to me too allegations on him about harassment.

The MeToo movement shocked the entire nation with serious allegations being levelled upon many unexpected names in different areas of business including the world of cinema. From editors of publications to popular filmmakers and actors, many celebs were accused by women. One name that really shocked everyone was South singer Karthik.
Responding to the allegations, Karthik has finally broken his silence on the situation and released a statement. Karthik said that he has never, in his conscience, hurt or harassed anybody intentionally. But he also said that he would like to apologise if he had unknowingly done that.

I want to put it out there that I have never intentionally acted in a way that would make anybody feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If anybody felt hurt because of any of my actions in the past, please reach out to me directly. I do believe in facing consequences of one's actions. I fully support MeToo and if there’s truth in anybody’s grievance. I shall be more than willing to apologise or face legal action because I don't want to ever leave a sour taste in anyone's life he wrote in his statement which he posted on his social networking pages.

Besides Karthik, allegations were levelled against popular lyricist Vairamuthu who responded stating he never did anything as such. Vairamuthu has also been named by singer-dubbing artist Chinmayi for trying to harass her many years ago during a concert.

Karthik, who hadn't responded to any of the allegations, released an official statement on Tuesday. In the long statement shared on Twitter, Karthik said that he has never hurt anyone or harassed anybody ignoring their consent. He added that he has never intentionally acted in a way that would make anyone feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

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