Salman Khan on launching new talent : I launch deserving candidates.

Salman Khan’s upcoming production venture Notebook serves as the launch pad for his friend Iqbal’s son Zaheer Iqbal and actor Mohnish Behl’s daughter Pranutan Behl.

At the film’s trailer launch on Monday, Salman, who is known to help his colleagues by launching their children, said, Not help, I launch deserving candidates, not anybody.

While introducing Zaheer Iqbal & Pranutan Behl, Salman Khan shared personal anecdotes.

I know Zaheer from the time he was not even conceived. I still owe his father Rs 2011. Now, he will repay for me. For the last five years, he has worked very hard. He has trained with me, and he was the assistant (director) on Jai Ho. If I don’t like something he does, I make him do it over and over again, the Bharat actor said.

He would make sure I am not in the gym. So whenever he was not there, Mohnish would help me sneak in and pay for me too. One day, I was working out, Mohnish comes and tells me how he is tired of working round the clock. He had completed a schedule in Hyderabad, and then in Mumbai. He said that it was too tiring for him and that he wishes that God gives him a break. Next week, his film Teri Baahon Mein released. God did listen to him, and gave him the longest break of his life. Then I got a film called Maine Pyar Kiya.

The first person to sign me, Raj Babu  passed away yesterday. God bless his soul. So I went and met Raj Babu. They signed me for the film. It had a negative lead. So I suggested to him that he should try Mohnish Behl. Raj Babu was apprehensive to offer Mohnish a negative role as he was Nutanji’s son. I then went to Nutanji’s residence Sagar Sangeet in Cuff Parade (south Mumbai), and she convinced Raj Babu that Mohnish could do it.

Mohnish, who was cheering for his daughter’s from the audience’s seat, said, Athiya and Sooraj are not the first people he gave a break in Bollywood. I was the first one. And after giving me that break, see where his career went.

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