My DNA is Simmba, not Gully Boy: Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer: I have been listening to hip-hop ever since I was a kid. I have seen the entire evolution of rap in India from Baba Sehgal and Devang Patel to now Divine, Naezy and Bantai. But I got really hooked when Zoya came to me with this film. She called me to her place and showed me first the video of Mere Gully Mein and my mind was blown away. It is so authentic. These guys are real Bombay boys, street guys rapping in Bambaia. It was bursting with street flavour. I was hooked instantly and now listen to only that.

Ranveer: That is coming from a place in my heart that I will not let anybody play this part. It’s too me. It’s too close to my heart.

Ranveer: Zoya, Atul Mongia and myself did acting workshops just to find the energy, the pitch of the character because this is a very different mode of performance for me and it’s not my default. It is not my DNA. My DNA is Simmba. So, this is something I have learnt after becoming an actor and now I am able to adapt to it. First, I had tackled it during Lootera and then Dil Dhadakne Do and now Gully Boy. So, just to find that differently pitched character, we did acting workshops.

Ranveer: It’s a complicated answer but I will attempt. There are two different kinds of music. One is popular music, club hip-hop and then there Is underground music, street hip-hop. One doesn’t really have story embedded in it. but the other one is narrative-based. The world we are living in now, with all the noise and social media, this generation is really just hungry for authenticity, which is why right now the biggest rapper in the world is Kendrick Lamar whose rap is narrative-based.

Ranveer: A good film is a good film. Queen and Raazi are the finest films of the last decade. I think for me, and I am also a Hindi film audience, that time is gone. Now, just give me a good story. The gender of the protagonist is of no consequence.

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