Jodha Akbar 13 February 2019 full episode: Real face of Shahnaz revealed.

Today’s episode starts with Jalal angry with Shahnaz as she laughs when Rahim falls down but gets saved fortunately. Ruquiya begum gets that opportunity to fuel Jalal against Jodha begum. But Saleema begum asks her not to create issue as Shahnaz is Jodha begum’s friend and have mental disorder. Mallika-A-Azam also enquires about Rahim. Jalal questions Jodha begum for letting Shahnaz to play with Rahim as it is risky. Ruquiya also supports him. Jodha begum defends Shahnaz but Jalal shouts at her for the incidence happened with Rahim. He blames Shahnaz and calls her as a mental patient. Saleema begum also tries to defend Shahnaz.

On the other side, Shahnaz cries a lot. She confesses that she didn’t do anything purposely. Jodha begum consoles her. Shahnaz says that she will apologize to Jalal and Rahim for whatever happened so that Jalal will not get angry with Jodha begum.

Saleema begum also tries to make Jalal calm and make him understand that Shahnaz didn’t do it purposely to harm Rahim. Ruquiya begum feels that Jodha begum should not have brought Shahnaz to Agra if she is not normal. Jalal feels that Ruquiya is right. But Saleema begum informs him that Jodha begum is emotionally attached to Shahnaz as she used to share her feelings with Shahnaz while she was in Mathura. Jalal realises the same.

Shahnaz is playing with the toys. But suddenly she breaks the face of the toy and reveals that she is there in Agra to snatch the Emperorship from Jalal which is shocking. Jalal pacifies Jodha begum and apologizes for whatever he behaved with her. Jodha begum is happy to see that he is upset as she is angry with him. Jalal asks her not to be like that which hurts him.

Shahnaz decides to use Jodha begum to get the emperorship from Jalal. She is also planning to kill both of them after getting the Siyasat of Agra.

Jalal prepares for the celebration. He tries dresses. Hoshiar comes there. Jalal asks Hoshair for help. Hoshair gives the vaz to Jalal. Jalal is happy to see the roses. Ruquiya begum comes there. Jalal smells the Roses. Ruquiya begum is waiting for him to collapse down and get unconscious. But Jalal doesn’t get unconscious. She wonders why it happened. Jalal says that he needs to be on time for the celebration. So Ruquiya begum leaves from there.

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