Doing small-town roles gave me confidence: Kriti Sanon.

Kriti Sanon is happy playing the small-town girl. The actor, who will next be seen in Luka Chuppi, said she has become way more confident and comfortable today.

Live-in is not accepted as a concept even in urban cities, and you need to explain its meaning in small towns. But today’s generation is getting a little more open about it before marriage. If live-in gives that clarity to you, then it’s okay. Yes, in our society, women are judged way more so if they are in a live-in, chances are a girl will be questioned and judged more. You will always have those nosy neighbours around you.

We are not trying to preach about live-in. We are just trying to say – live and let live. There are way more important issues in the film. And “let love be” is one of the things. I feel if two people are in love and want to spend their life together, only they should be the ones deciding how their lives should go.

They both are very strong headed. That’s a common factor. But Bitti was a little bratty, bit of a brash tom-boyish girl. Rashmi is ambitious and more open-minded. What also makes them different is their upbringing and where they have done their education from. Bitti is educated, but she has stayed in Bareilly all her life, in her cocoon. Though she questions a lot of things but still, doesn’t have aspirations. She is okay marrying someone who would accept her the way she is.

Here, Rashmi is way more strong headed. She has done her education in New Delhi. She had a boy friend. She is aspirational for all the boys in Mathura. She doesn’t want to rush into it but make the choice on her own time. She will marry someone whom she loves and is sure of. She is okay to go for a live-in. She is also gutsy. The deciding factor is her. That’s where she is very different from Bitti.

I am way more comfortable for sure. Whether it is the kind of opportunities I am getting or feeling at home in filmy parties, it has become better. I am not born and brought up here, so I don’t know everybody. There’s still a bit of awkwardness. But I have gone from completely being out of place to a little comfortable. But I still feel like there is so much more I want to do and so many directors I really want to work with. All that is not on my table at this point, which I would love it to be.

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