Indians :- are not as regressive as we think they are.

Sonam Kapoor takes on a different kind of film in Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga.

Besides sharing the screen with her father Anil Kapoor for the first time, Sonam hints at a same sex relationship in the film.

I always want to believe a woman, but suppose that is not true, how bad would it be for the movement, especially if it is somebody like Raju Hirani? We need to be careful about the people we accuse and the people whose side we take, Sonam tells Contributor Ramesh S, indicating the side she has chosen.

There are a lot of stereotypes in this world, and people's minds often become judgmental towards those who belong to this community.

So I thought I should project my role as authentically as possible.

Just because you fall in love with someone who might not belong to the opposite sex does not mean you are different.

Love is always Love.

You cannot choose which person you will fall in love with.

Anand (Ahuja) told me once that we didn't choose each other, destiny chose us.

I know it's very foolish and romantic to say this that you are always destined to be a certain way and always destined to love a certain way.

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