Why is Aamir Khan taking responsibility for THUGS OF HINDOSTAN failure?

In a rather strange extension of an actor’s jurisdiction, Aamir Khan has come forward claiming responsibility and apologizing to the public for disappointing them with his latest release, Thugs Of Hindostan.

While outwardly this seems like a magnanimous gesture, the motive behind the film’s actor coming forward to claim responsibility for its failure seems indeterminate.

eacting to Aamir’s public self-flagellation, trade analyst Amod Mehra says, “If Aamir feels that the success of his films is due to his capability of choosing the right subject, then it’s but natural he should also take blame for the failure of Thugs as his judgement went wrong.”

Adds Atul Mohan (editor Complete Cinema), “Obviously…only Aamir is to be blamed. Whenever an Aamir Khan Adds Film film becomes hit, we hear stories that how Aamir has been involved right from scripting to execution to marketing to distribution. We get to see his dedication in videos released of his makeover to get into the character. So was he sleeping here? He has attained the tag of Mr. Perfectionist due to his detailed involvement in all departments. You may go wrong sometimes. People felt disappointed and cheated as they expected a better product here. Aamir should be respected for accepting his mistake for going wrong with this project.”

Adds Film & Trade Business analyst Girish Johar, “A film project is a collective effort but when a lead star of the stature of Aamir Khan is in the film, all eyes are on him. He has a humongous credibility which he brings onto his project. It is brought and created by him only as he is a huge star. Now taking the onus of the failure of Thugs Of Hindostan does not belittle him at all. It’s good that he has acknowledged it. No one can guarantee success but by this apology Aamir has maintained his legacy and credibility and his fans now look upon his next outing with equal zeal ahead

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