Kapil Makes Five Interesting Statement on Marriage, New Show, Fights And More

Kapil Sharma is back in action and his fans could not be happier. The actor comedian producer is soon making a comeback on TV with a new season of his popular comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show. The actor himself announced the same on the social media. He has also backed a Punjabi film, featuring Gurpreet Ghuggi, titled Son of Manjeet Singh. During the promotion of the film, he talked to the media and answered questions about his new show, the difficult time he faced and his marriage. Here are a few important statements Kapil Sharma made while talking to IANs,

“People have given a lot of love to me. They used to ask me, ‘When is your show coming back?’ and they asked the same question to the channel as well. And so, the channel told me, ‘Let’s make a new season'”

“I feel everyone fights someday or the other. We are public figures and that is why our fights make it to the papers. But I feel everyone has fought once in life be it within family, business or workspace. Small-small things keep on happening. But since we are public figures, these things become news in our case”
 Health is wealt People do not just say it for the sake of it. It is genuinely true and I have realised that. I didn’t give much importance to my health. There was no fixed time to eat for me. But now I will try to focus on my health while working

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