Siddharth Malhotra Enjoys Sky Diving In New Zealand!

“Wow! Out of this world! Amazing!” - stated Siddharth Malhotra post his first ever experience of daring Sky Dive.

Also, Siddharth mentioned it to be one of the most amazing adventure New Zealand has to offer. Siddharth took the plunge for once in a lifetime experience in New Zealand on a bright and sunny day. I was perfect to have a bird' view town of Queenstown, which was breathtaking view of snowcapped mountains, greenery and water bodies as blue as the sky.

For the actor, performing the sky diving was one popping out of his bucket list. Talking exactly post the jump at heights of 15,000 ft, he said : "I think this is the best best best experience that New Zealand has to offer. The view is amazing. ”It takes just three seconds to jump off and then you’re right on the edge. It’s an amazing free fall, then you go through the clouds…it’s like flying…and totally out of the world! "


Siddharth was just so excited to share his joy with all his fans on Twitter that he posted, "Just crossed one thing off my bucket list: skydiving in New Zealand! #NZMustDo #SidNZ @NzoneSkydive EPIC! INSANE! UNBELIEVABLE " on Twitter.

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