From Twitter to TV: Kher, Sardesai engage in a war of words over Kulkarni

What started as an argument on Twitter, halted as full-fledged debate on the national television as veteran actor Anupam Kher and Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai locked horns on the issue of patriotism followed by the attack on Sudheendra Kulkarni even as the country that joined together to condemn the dastardly attack.

Triggering both followed a tweet by Sardesai, in which he bashed the Shiv Sena onto smearing black ink on the face of veteran journalist and LK Advani's former aide Kulkarni to protest his organisation for the launch of former Pakistani foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri' book in Mumbai.

What then followed was a heated smore between the two that ensured for hours.

"Would be good to realise how many Shiv Sainiks have gone to Kashmir to show solidarity with jawans or attended funerals of soldiers," Sardesai stated in a tweet which triggered the debate.

Not-impressed Anupam Kher criticised Sardesai for choosing an "insensitive expression."

“How sad that you chose such an insensitive expression to justify your attempt of trying to be a messiah of truth,” tweeted Anupam.

Sardesai retorted "Insensitive? Just mentioning the bluff of those who claim to have a monopoly on desh-bhakti (patriotism)."

This is when Kher reportedly got personal and queried Sardesai' sense of patriotism.

“What deshbhakti (patriotism) have u (you) shown towards d (the) mass murder & exodus of Your fellow Kashmiri Pandit Indians in so many yrs (years)?” he tweeted.

But in an anti-climax, Sardesai politely  racked down instead of carrying the heated discussion forward, but never before inviting Kher for an open discussion on patriotism.

“Sir, raat Bahut ho chuki (it’s very late in the night). Good night do baar Bol diya (I’ve said ‘good night’ twice). Why don't we do an open debate on 'desh bhakti' on TV tomw (tomorrow)?” wrote Sardesai.

Kher replied : "What is the point of debating with you my friend! It is like trying to wake up a person who pretends to sleep.:)" said the last tweet by Kher which seemed to be the end of it.

However, Sardesai came back with a bang on Tuesday morning throwing challange at Kher all again: "Good morning sir, Sorry for the late reply.I like to sleep and sleep with a clean conscience.Look fwd (forward) to our debate."

And this time, Sardesai announced and Kher relented : “News Today: 8.40 pm: newsmaker is @AnupamPkher who has so kindly taken up my offer for a debate on so called 'selective outrage'. Do watch!”

"Somewhere all of us have our biases but you try to hide it under the garb of a journalist," mentioned Kher, just before the interaction.

And the TV debate ended up to be an equally engaging experience for the viewers as both of them traded blows and wrapped accusations against each other.

While Kher accused Sardesai of hiding his political bias under the mask of journalism, the veteran actor was questioned for his silence on issues like the Shiv Sena attack, cancellation of Ghulam Ali’s concert and Kashmir pandits.

However, there was no clear winner as the public opinion appeared to be divided as an almost equal number of people supported both of them. Though, #AnupamSlapsRajdeep did trend on Twitter for a while.

At the end of it all, Sardesai tipped his proverbial hat to the actor.

"After's today's prog (programme) hope to see @AnupamPkher sir soon in the Rajya Sabha. This govt needs good voices in the upper house," tweeted Sardesai.


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