Find Out What is common between Shahid Kapoor and his character in SHAANDAAR

Majority of people believe in wrapping up their daily tasks before going to sleep at night, but Shahid is more of a night compelling person and believes in completing his stuff majority at night.
“Not many know that Shahid is an insomniac of sorts, and prefers doing the majority of his work at night. In fact, he even goes to the gym at night, where he spends a couple of hours. He even likes going on late night drives, something he can’t even imagine doing during the day,” says a spokesperson.

Shahid has become such a night person that he has developed a work schedule especially for those hours. At times, the Haider actor prefers reading film scripts at night. The spokesperson further adds, “He sticks to it and finishes everything on time. He strongly feels that at night, the environment is way calmer. So, it helps an individual be more productive.”

Interestingly, Shahid’s character in his upcoming film-’ Shaandaar ’ is also of an insomniac. Shahid’s ‘ Shaandaar ’ is all set to release on 22nd October, 2015

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