Everything About This Akshay Kumar Starrer Does Not Mark So Well!

'Singh Is Bling' ends to be a steep rent comedy, in all the fields be it jokes, IQ, scenes and of course story line, as it is only about jerky scenes connected anyways

Singh Is Bliing, to long run resembles Singh Is Kiing as the roles of Akshay Kumar, Happy Singh has been replaced by "Raftaar Singh" and to much extent "Katrina Kaif" has been replaced by "Amy Jackson".
And since the movie being of Prabhudeva' concrete, we get steeped-in-misogyny cringe-worthy lines about women. Overweight young ladies are to be done ‘kushti’ (wrestled) with, not married. A messy-faced female is dubbed ‘kaala jaadu’. The heroine is made to do a lengthy lap-dance disguised as an action sequence, and we are left in no doubt as to the state of the hero’s nether region while this is going on.

Yes, the movie makes us laugh a few times but that is definitely not enough out to be from Akshay film.

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