Akshay Kumar Flames Controversy With ' Singh is Bliing '

With count over 130 films in his bag, a wide fanbase, and a person with sacks of cinema accomplishments and success, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar stands at cervix where he needs not perform stunts to attract national attention.

But with his latest film, the action comedy Singh is Bliing, Kumar and his filmmaker colleagues attracted a great deal of unwanted attention from India’s film Censor Board and from the country’s religious community. Sikh organization leaders had taken issue with several scenes they considered offensive, and it was only after a few cuts were made that the film was cleared with a ‘U/A’ certificate for its October 2nd national release.

The movie reveals a story of a turban wearing Punjabi, named Raftaar Singh who falls in love with a foreign lady (played by British beauty Amy Jackson) despite not being able to speak her language, originally contained images that sparked controversy in India’s religious circles.  According to sources close to the picture, there were two scenes  to which Sikh organizations objected and which the censor board decided to delete from the film. One scene had Akshay Kumar using his holy kadaa (iron bangle) as a weapon and the other scene shows Kumar’s turban catching fire. Both scenes can be viewed in the official trailer below.

To his credit, Akshay Kumar handled the issue adroitly, calling leaders of various Sikh organizations from Punjab and Delhi to Mumbai for a private screening of Singh Is Bliing to discuss their concerns. A source said, “Rather than face protests a week before release Akshay wisely decided to take Sikh organizations into confidence now himself.”
 Coincidentally and rather curiously, Kumar faced similar controversy with his 2008 action-comedy Singh is Kinng, which, despite the similar title, genre, and identically named lead character, is in no way related to Singh is Bliing. According to a reports, Akshay said,

“I’ve taken care of all things that I had not done during Singh is Kinng. I don’t want to show anything that would hurt the Sikh community or any other Indian community, like they were during Singh is Kinng. I had said ‘sorry’ then as well. This time, I had one person from the committee keep a check on the movie.”



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